Welcome to mySafety Group

The leading international company group in the field of everyday safety and insurance services founded in Sweden 1999. We offer insurance and safety solutions for individuals and businesses in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. As we wish to contribute to greater safety globally we are always looking for possibilities to establish the group in other countries. 

mySafety everyday safety solutions and insurances – now also for your digital presence
mySafety is all about everyday security and your personal safety is our focus. Being a leading blocking service and insurance provider for all valuables that constantly are in risk, payment cards, mobile phones, ID documents - represent increasing value, with all personal contacts and data stored. These items can be lost or even worse stolen, and then problems begin...

With one phone call to mySafety's twenty-four seven open customer service, consider your problems solved. Payment cards, phones or other devices are blocked and quickly retrieved using the system that is protecting your identity.

Since four years mySafety Group has also been the forerunner in the development of new ID-protection insurance services for the constantly growing problem area of ID-theft. With a solution that both helps to prevent the ID-theft and assists the customer when a fraud occurs, limits the damages, helps to restore credit worthiness and compensates in case of financial loss.

Latest in the development of new products for the digital space mySafety Group has launched a groundbreaking service and insurance for Digital protection that in the more and more unsafe presence on the internet environment helps to protect and limit damages from internet harassment and frauds to a persons on-line profile.